The Asociación Mexicana de Epilepsia en Niños y Adultos (AMENA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of children and adults with epilepsy.

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– Inform and raise global awareness of epilepsy through sport.

– Raise funds for medical treatment and research.

– Grow a community that promotes physical activity as a means of supporting people living with epilepsy.

– Attract the attention of other participants and spectators at sporting events.

– Increase the number of sports men and women participating in purple, on behalf of AMENA.


Organising and participating in sporting events to diffuse our objective: Sports in Purple.

Purple Biking: Group bicycle rides along one of Mexico City’s main avenues, paseo de la Reforma. Cycling 3km – 5km with purple supporters, many of whom live with epilepsy.

#126KenPúrpura: The “Tierra de Volcanes” mountaineering group have run fund-raising Ultramarathons in the Guachochi and Chihuahua canyons for AMENA.

Funds were raised via Fondeadora:

AMENA Fun Runs:  3km – 5km fun run in Mexico’s Chapultepec forest, raising funds for our programs.

Mountaineering and races: some of AMENA’s advisors and team members are keen athletes and as such, carry our message beyond our own events, representing us in events outside of the association.

Talks for patients: We extend our sporting events invitation to anybody who attends our epilepsy talks.

Methods of diffusion: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website, Mailing List and Flyers.


– Established a growing network for people coping with epilepsy in Mexico.

– Our community is kept up to date with epilepsy-related news.

– Increased participation in our own sporting events.

– AMENA has raised funds to cover all goals set by our programs.

– We offer a viable option to Socially Responsible companies.

– 14 sponsors have contributed to our efforts: Armstrong Laboratory Inc., Escuela Justo Sierra, Jumex Sport, Invoice Laguna, Qin, Levbeth Medical, Las Alitas, Garabatos, Ronin RP, NeuroTraces, Tierra de Volcanes, Clip, 7creativo and Mucho diseño. 

We have worked with 4 allied associations: Danzalud, Bienvenido a Holanda, Camina Junto a Mi y Fundación Dani Danee Nalu.


  • The practice of sport is an effective means of raising general awareness about epilepsy, while creating a community of people who live with epilepsy.
  • We have observed that the practice of sports improves the well-being of people with epilepsy, as well as that of their families.
  • The practice of physical exercise and sport has a positive effect on people with epilepsy, including increased self-esteem, socialization and an improvement in general long-term health.

Sports in Purple

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